On This Site In 1897 Nothing Happened!

This was found on one of our many daily drives through town hunting down leads, old historic homes and other oddities! WOW was this a great FIND! We rounded the block and out of the corner of my eye I saw something and proceeded to make the block one more time to satisfy my curiosity. We stopped the car as I jumped out snapping the sign from multiple angles chosing these for your comedic consumption.

This is just TOO COOL!  Upon the bronze plaque you’ll read: On This Site In 1897 Nothing Happened”. If that wasn’t good enough, the small circle ceramic marker to the left reads: “Key West Hysterical Preservation 1997”. (photo below)

You can find this off-beat & wacky symbol of fun-filled senseless humor at the corners of Peacon Lane & Caroline Street in the land of sun and fun called Key West. This of course is FREE, enjoy a good laugh along with a photo to show your friends at work upon your return to the daily grind!


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