Original 1926 Spongeman

IMG_1511I’ve blogged before on the new version of the Spongeman calling him ‘Sponge Bob No Pants’ never knowing if the original still existed… well it does!

In going out to dinner with my aunt & uncle along with my beautiful then newlywed wife, we walked around afterwards for a few minutes burning a few calories stumbling upon this! Standing in the corner wearing a Santa Claus hat was the original Spongeman. I was thrilled beyond belief grinning ear-to-ear as if I were a teenage girl seeing Justin Bieber walking by in a mall! 🙂

Without a camera in hand I returned the next morning removing his Santa hat snapping this Key West historical icon for you. Seen below is an archival photo posted on the stores front door showing the 1926 original picture which is located just to the right of the new version of Spongeman.

You can find this historical creature feature at Mac’s Sea Garden in the ever popular waterfront Harbor Walk district of Key West.


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