Mississippi Queen Placard Found In Keys

IMG_3074Wow, does this bring back memories! “Mississippi Queen” is a song by the American rock band Mountain. Considered a rock classic, it was their most successful single, reaching number 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 record chart in 1970. Its most famous lyrics “Mississippi Queen, if you know what I mean” is a direct reference to a Cajun lady around Louisiana way he called Mississippi Queen that taught him everything “If you know what I mean!” 🙂 Though the sign seen here has absolutely ZERO to do with the song, it did make me smile and want to pass along the paragraph tidbit of informational trivia.

In asking the on-duty bartender about the sign she simply replied “I’m new here and have no idea.” OK, I myself do have an idea, going by its heavy-duty construction and intended long-lasting durability it looks like an actual or replica of a paddle-wheel riverboat sign that might have at one time traveled down the mighty Mississippi River… then again I have no proof. 🙂 In all essence it really doesn’t matter, it’s a cool sign that some Florida Keys tourist or local by-passers might find interesting and that’s what truly matters! (If you know what I mean) 🙂

If you’re a paddle-wheel riverboat fan or Mountain rock band groupie you can find this MISSISSIPPI QUEEN placard at 750 S. Krome Avenue, Florida City inside Sam’s Hideaway. OK, it’s basically at the corner of US-1 & Krome Avenue at Mile Marker 126.7 about 1/8 mile north.

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