Spoonbill Sound Hammocks

Welcome to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Spoonbill Sound Hammocks Environmental Area. Located in Monroe County on 26.21 acres of wildlife wetland paradise surrounded by portions of dry land is an animal and plant heaven on earth.

If you like a ton of plants, shrubs, grasses, & trees then this is your mecca! On this premises alone are 144 listed different species with scientific names ranging alphabetically from Abildgaardia ovata, Acacia fernesiana to Ximenia americana, & Zoysia tenuifolia… yeah right, like I’m really familiar with those! 🙂

This is NOT a family friendly attraction, don’t plan a romantic picnic or even a relationship bonding walk throughout nature’s Eden. This is not a park! The paths are very narrow, poorly marked & terribly overgrown. This is for you die-hard survivalists willing to take on nature’s wetlands at its best without whimpering like a nine-year old girl! 🙂

The posted sign reads: No guns, hunting, camping or vehicles allowed. Removal or destruction of plants, animals, artifacts or natural minerals prohibited. These people are serious about keeping this as is! It also says ‘No Dumping’ that sadly a number of non-nature lovers have unfortunately disregarded.

You can find this nature-cherished haven for wildlife on US-1 at Mile Marker 22.2 oceanside by turning onto Pirates Road.


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