A Florida Keys Paradox!

This is crazy funny to me, talk about a paradox. Despite popular belief that a paradox is ‘Two Doctors’… get it, ‘Pair of Docs’ 🙂 sorry, couldn’t help myself, it actually means a ‘Contradiction’. This is one of those things you might see on a late night TV show being made fun of by Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien.

I pulled over on the shoulder of the road to photograph the ‘Florida Keys Wildlife And Environmental Area’ sign. From the front it appears that all is normal (below). But what I saw when walking to one side of the sign from a different angle surprised the heck out of me! Take a look at what I saw in the background behind the main sign (above). The sign on the chain link fence reads: NO DUMPING, THIS TRASH SIDE CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

You can find this paradox of a sign ‘Environmental Area’ or ‘Trash Dump’ on the left side of the road at Mile Marker 93.7 on US-1 South directly across from the Wild Bird Sanctuary blogged about last year.


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