Key West’s ‘TRULY’ Secret Garden!

Nancy Forrester w/Parrot

This is truly an incredible find! Where can you find Key West’s LAST undeveloped acre of property in Old Town… believe me, it’s really hard to find! I’m here to help guide you to Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden & Parrot Habitat.

First thing, Key West is slammed with buildings built in front of others to reclaim property once used as yards in able to build new homes and businesses. This ONE extraordinary lady Nancy Forrester has stood fast and determined to resist such greedy developers encroachment by creating a habitat for parrots in what is a JUNGLE in the middle of Key West’s tourist district. She has done so good of a job in calling it “Secret Garden” that few locals even know where it’s at. Her biggest trade is school children on field trips though I hope this article changes some of that by putting tourists back on the radar. Enjoy wildlife surroundings as they were 100 years ago, this acre is filled with natural habitat of native trees, sky-high length bamboo and other vegetation that make this acre a rare paradise… scratch that, the ONLY natural wooded paradise left in Key West.

It is located down a small alley way at #1 Freeschool Lane just a block northeast of Duval Street. Please see this before it too vanishes into extinction! Yes, that is Mrs. Forrester herself on the right along with a tourist who too promised to put out a good word on her crusades behalf! Great job Nancy!


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One response to “Key West’s ‘TRULY’ Secret Garden!

  1. Great post. We’ve been there and totally agree – it’s an amazing place and her commitment to the parrots is even more amazing. Reading your blog made me post some photos to my instagram from our last visit to the Secret Garden. Check out my blog if you want to see some of those pics.

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