Florida Key’s Newest Tiki Hut

Welcome to the Florida Keys newest tiki hut. (OK, it was at the time of the  photo) 🙂 WOW, if you’ve never seen a tiki hut being built you’re missing a process that’s nothing less than a well oiled machine.

Incredible, with the frame intact these experienced roofers take over and WOW it’s fascinating to watch! The palm fronds are unloaded from the truck put in a stack and they’re off! Two teams of workers perform in unison, someone pulls the palm from the stack tossing it to the trimmer removing the excess length. It’s then passed to the nailer partially tapping in several nails into the appropriate position then passing it along to the handler. The nailed fronds are then handed up to the roofer who nails it into exact position forming waterproof layers which is capped off at its peak with cross timbers resulting in an amazing finished tiki hut.

You can find one of the Key’s newest tiki huts at Steamers Raw Bar & Grille. Go to Mile Marker 108.1 bayside on US-1 taking the access road once on the 18-mile stretch bridge and follow the road to its end.


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