Florida Keys Housekeeping 101

Now that we’ve begun a new year in the Florida Keys, there’s a one-time paragraph of housekeeping that needs to be passed along. As your instructor for this course I’d be neglecting my duty and obligation if I didn’t say that US-1’s mostly 2-lane roads at 35-50mph can be trying and tempting to say the least! It’s normal to take almost 3hrs to travel the 122.6 miles to Key West’s doorstep.

In order to have fun you must first arrive safely and these signs I assure you are here for the reason of saving lives… so keep your lights on, STAY in your lane and get ready to experience the Keys! Congratulations, you’ve passed with flying colors so consider this your Virtual Diploma! In keeping true to our theme “365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys” I ask you, WHAT’S THE #1 THING TO DO IN THE FLORIDA KEYS… Arriving Alive to enjoy it!


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2 responses to “Florida Keys Housekeeping 101

  1. Speaking of interesting signs on US-1, there are “Crocodile Crossing” signs on the 18-mile stretch of US-1 and on the Card Sound road . . . and they are probably the only “Crocodile Crossing” signs in the western hemisphere . . . at least in English. Maybe the only signs in the world.

  2. What ever happened to the “What’s you hurry? You are here now!” sign that used to be on US-1 just coming into Key Largo?

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