Historic THREESOME :-)

Threesome anyone? 🙂 In fact, this is a THREESOME of Historical proportion. Seldom anywhere will you find three Historical Markers at the same location. Here is in fact the exception to the rule. I’ve reported on two of these in the past yet only photographing them separately till now. The first two blogs were Ponce de Leon Landed Here In 1533 (left marker) & Spanish Treasure Fleet Of 1733 (right marker).

Here’s the final installation of the historical trilogy. This one is simply called ‘Rafters’ (center marker), here’s a portion of its text: “This plaque is in memory of the many Cubans who were desperate to leave Castro’s communist Cuba. They left their homes and families trying to cross the 90 miles of sea in rafts, inner tubes or anything that would float. Not knowing what rough seas and storms would be encountered, hundreds or even thousands were lost and never heard from again. This is in memory of those who lost their lives, and those who made it to this country. They are now free, contributing to their new homeland here as teachers, business people, political leaders and the economy of our state.”

You can find this historical marker threesome at Mile Marker 78.5 on US-1 south on the left side of the road. While you’re there, walk on the same exact land as Ponce de Leon, search for the lost treasure fleets cargo, and lastly come ashore where some desperate former Cuban citizens landed to be part of a FREE nation we call home!

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