FREE Audio Walking Tour!

Welcome to Key West, one of the largest historic districts with the densest accumulation of historic frame vernacular buildings in the nation. Our history encompasses unique island architecture, Civil War forts, famous authors homes, Cuba’s revolution from Spain, The Spanish-American War, the sinking of the Maine, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Harbor Walk, Henry Flagler’s railway, the turtle industry, the sponging industry, the cigar industry, rum runners, pirates, sunken Spanish treasure ships, the fishing industry, the sea salt industry, the wrecking/salvage industry, military history, the cemetery, parks, maritime sites, Truman Annex, the Little White House, historic city/state/federal buildings, slave ships, boom and bust economies and the fascinating history of the founding father’s of the island… wow, now I’m out of breath! šŸ™‚

Did you know that there’s a FREE Audio Walking Tour that few tourists ever take advantage of? That can be cured by calling: 1-305-507-0300 eitherĀ from your hometown or while visiting in Key West. These informative narratives average 90 seconds in length for each of its 33 locations, attractions, & properties. You can also log on to and find the one peeking your interest and making your own list. Once your list is complete, go to the address indicated and start dialing your FREE on phone historian. I’ve included a photo below of location #10 of the 33 placards so that you’ll know what to look for. Enjoy your FREE TOUR!

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  1. Thanks for the informative post and the helpful link. I live in KW part of the year and I was unaware of this. I’m going to mention the Audio Walking Tour in one of my future blog posts. Thanks!

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