Biking Key West Is The Best

Turn off your TV, park your car and get outside, after all, you’re on vacation. It’s time to become that obvious tourist that you always point fingers and snicker at. Dawn those faded blue jean shorts, grab your favorite Jimmy Buffett Parrot Head t-shirt, of course your best impression of Terminator sunglasses, that partially used tube of SPF-35, those comfy sneakers that aren’t good enough to wear to work but still have mileage left in them, and that ball cap that you wouldn’t wear in your hometown yet willingly sport upon your noggin here in the Keys. There, you’re 1/2 done!

What’s the best, fastest, and most economical way to venture around Key West’s ‘Old Town’? Is it by car? No, parking is absurd! Is it by walking? No, your limited to walking distances! And it’s surly not by those rental golf cart looking things you see around town, you still have that same old parking problem. The best by far is by bicycle, if you bring your own as we do they’re FREE! You can park ANYWHERE in town FREE and cover ANY amount of the areas hot spots on your tourist list in a single day of peddling by simply parking your bike and WALKING to the tourist-trap shops til your heart’s content. Yes your butt may not be use to it at first and that’s why it’s important to find a comfortable bike height with a cushy fluffy-puffy seat. Oh yeah, it’s good for your health and the environment too! And NO that’s NOT my bike pictured above, although it is the MOST COLORFUL one I’ve seen down here.

You too can participate in biking Key West, you’ll be surprised at how many new and different sites you’ll find along the way to your vacation wish list. As a blog writer, I can’t tell you how many daily articles I’ve written just on the interesting town features, evolving creatures (some human), 🙂 preachers pulpits & fun-filled activities I’ve run across on any given trip. Remember always to take the camera, photos tell stories when our minds can’t remember what those stories were!


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4 responses to “Biking Key West Is The Best

  1. I like your post, Art, and your attitude about travel. We’re learning the best way to experience a place is through the eyes of its inhabitants. Thanks for your insights.

    • Thank you Jolyse,
      Key West is paradise and I truly enjoy letting everyone know where to find some common, unique, neat & different things to do that on-a-whole are either FREE or inexpensive.
      Mr. 365 Days (OK… Art) 🙂

  2. Ken J

    “Amen” on the huffy puffy bike seat!

  3. I couldn’t agree more – bikes are definitely the way to go in KW. When we’re not in KW, we rent out our home and provide guests with beach cruisers. It’s definitely the thing our guests appreciate most. They always thank us for the bikes. Great photo.

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