Southernmost Beach In America

South Beach Key West

Want to go swimming as far south as you can in the United States? Here’s your chance at the beach some say is the southernmost beach in America!

It’s called South Beach at the southern end of Key West’s famous Duval Street. It’s not a big beach or a packed beach but it is very southern and famous. Key West famous playwright Tennessee Williams spent much of his free time at this exact beach, in fact, he swam EVERY morning here and said about it: “I work everywhere, but I work best here!” (as written on the pictured sign in the sand above) The humorous sign also states “No dogs & NO MOONSHINE” allowed. The beach itself is only approximately 120′ long and because they have their own restaurant & bar, unfortunately you CANNOT bring your own drinks or coolers to the beach.

There are other family beaches in town that are much more suited for picnics, this is a gathering point and a bragging right to say that I sat on the southernmost beach in America! But is it? The beach at the former Government owned and operated Fort Zachery Taylor will beg to differ.


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