Key West’s Largest Conch Flag

Key West’s Largest Conch Flag

Would you like to know where Key West’s largest Conch Republic flag is located? Well I’ve always known and now so do you; it’s on the front of the building at the Key West International Airport on the Northeast lesser traveled portion of the island.

Teaser #1 – Oh yeah blogsters, did you know that Key West gives away FREE airport real-estate (land) on Airport grounds… well they do and I’m the one to tell you how to get it in an upcoming blog. Teaser #2 – Coming soon to a blog near you; I’ll actually explain what a conch is and why it’s used by Key West in the first place… consider it your FREE future history lesson! Teaser #3 – Key West Airport is the site of one of cities MOST illusive photos that I don’t even have yet… I’ve already asked and gone by there nearly begging for them to allow me a photograph but have been denied. I’ve even asked a Stewardess if she could take the photo for me and she responded with “I can’t, they won’t allow me!” So keep checking daily to follow my quest… I WILL GET IT FOR YOU even if I have to contact the Mayor! PS – Did I tell you, this BLOG is being sent to Key West’s Mayor 🙂 (true)

Oh yeah, to get this FREE photo of the Key’s Largest Conch Republic flag, park for FREE at the near by The Pines Park (a 1 minute walk) in front of the airport so you don’t have to pay for parking!

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