I Wanted A Harley-Davidson Dear!

Was this your  Christmas gift? If so, did you  have to say “Thank you Honey! But I meant a Harley-Davidson “DEAR”… NOT “DEER”! 🙂

Hmmm, if the owners name is John… would he be known as ‘John Deer’? 🙂 Yes, I know it’s spelled John Deere but the joke wouldn’t have worked! You can find this anomaly (anything out of the expected NORM) which I think duly applies here! Once again, you can find this ‘HORNY HARLEY’ 🙂 with antlers at Skip’s on US-1 bayside Mile Marker 31.2 on Big Pine Key home of the Key Deer Refuge… Oh no, please don’t tell me those are Bambi’s! 🙂

PS – If it’s long gone by time you get there simply ask him to build you another one for you own iconic photo!

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