Santa Claus Vacations In Key West


Have you ever wondered where Santa Claus goes during the offseason to relax? No need to guess, the paparazzi has found him and the word’s out. He loves Key West!

He’s seen here near the corner of Truman Ave. & Windsor Lane sleeping off the night before after doing the famed ‘Duval Crawl’. For those of you needing a course in KW lingo that’s walking to every bar on Duval Street while having a drink at each… and some add ‘Then crawling home!’ 🙂 Hopefully this is still there when you find time to come down, if not don’t worry, I’ve seen several around town.

P.S.- I deny all claims that Santa and I were seen bellying up to the bar at the World-Famous Sloppy Joe’s bar last night, that’s a total lie… it was Capt. Tony’s Saloon! 🙂 I’d tell you where the elves hangout but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get that shiny new bicycle with a banana seat and sissy bar I’ve been wanting for next Christmas! 🙂

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