Mile Marker ZERO

Mile Marker Zero

You’ve just driven the 126.7 miles of the Florida Keys and have finally reached the end to US-1’s famous Mile Marker Zero! Located on Whitehead Street in front of the Monroe County Courthouse is where you’ll find these markers. Yes ‘these markers’ meaning two, they’re on both sides of the road with one noting the ‘END’ of US-1 and the other ‘BEGIN’.

This is easily one of Key West’s most sought after novelty photos and a shoe-in for that must have bragging rights for traveling to the end of the road. Even though being a top 10 Key West destination along with Southernmost Buoy, Sloppy Joe’s, Mallory Square, Sunset & others; your wait to take a photo with this legendary landmark is never more than a minute or two. Contrary to popular belief, the actual pavement does not end here merely the government’s responsibility for maintaining US-1. The road continues for a few more blocks where it leads to the warm waters of the Gulf Of Mexico.

I invite you now to stop by and park your car, get out and walk around this pleasurable area of Key West’s less traveled road (1 block southwest of Duval Street) and enjoy its incredible surroundings creating your own lasting & cherished memories!

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