The Key’s ONLY 8 MPH Sign!

IMG_1822Merry Christmas to all! I bet Santa Claus didn’t go 8 MPH through here last night! 🙂

Odd speed limit signs anyone? I’ve found one for you! Most are 5 MPH or 10 MPH and yet this one is 8 MPH… why? That’s easy, 5 & 10 are so common they go unnoticed, here they chose 8 in order to capture your attention in hopes of you slowing down after giggling at the sign.

Hmmm, with Christmas day winding down how can I tie this in with a holiday theme? OK, I was going to come up with something stupid to the tune of the 5 Golden Rings song but thought better of it. 🙂

You can find this 8 MPH speed limit sign at Mile Marker 94.1 bayside just inside the Seven Acres subdivision pictured below. Wow, Seven Acres & 8 MPH… a Christmas coincidence!


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