US Flag Flown Over Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Palace

Here’s a story near and dear to my heart, not just because I’m a proud American, but rather the location of where this flag had flown and what true American heroes have severed in protecting it.

The story begins in Iraq where the former dictator Saddam Hussein threatened the civilized world with the “Mother Of All Wars”. The U.S. led a strike on Baghdad & retook Kuwait ultimately toppling Saddam’s reckless regime.

This flag pictured above was actually flown over one of Saddam’s Palaces in Iraq on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 by Scott’s brother a Full-Bird Colonel. The flag was taken down and sent to Scott (seen above) as a gift that he proudly displays along with a local news article & U.S.Army certificate (seen below) .

I’ve written several blogs in the past contributed by my friend Scott (former Indian Key Tour Guide), this time you’ve just met him! PS – In taking the above photo, Scott said “The flag makes my belly look bigger!” to which I laughingly replied “It’s not the flag bro!” 🙂

So stop on in and see Scott, he’ll be more than happy to show & tell you about the flag that flew over Saddam Hussein’s former Palace. You too can take your picture with this historic flag now on display in Key Largo at the KLI Home Improvement Center on US-1 at Mile Marker 102.1 oceanside. I too want to thank the owners of KLI for being such proud Americans in allowing Scott to display this historical artifact at their business.


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