Key West Pier Pressure! :-)

Wow, wouldn’t life be wonderful if this were the meaning of ‘Pier Pressure’ instead of peer pressure!

Key West indeed puts me in a relaxed state-of-mind and this photo & atmosphere are just a few of the reasons why. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, sometimes the simplest & most spectacular views are over looked by the masses as they hurriedly scoot on their way to the next attraction. To you I say… SLOW DOWN. Life provides a bounty of beauty and serenity for us to enjoy, it only asks that you be able to realize it when setting your eyes upon its grandeur. There’s three hurricane-surviving support pillars still standing just off shore that provides the foreground for some incredible photos. With the addition of some of Key West’s natives (wildlife) your photo enhances itself into the snapshot that others will have missed.

You can find this PICTURE PERFECT simple pier setting on permanent display at the southernmost point of Smathers Beach just before the big curve on Key West’s southeastern side of the island. The seductive sunrise and your opportunity to take the PERFECT SIMPLE picture are FREE to all. Just maybe, you too will have a perfect photo to enlarge that will someday adorn your living room wall!

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