How Far Is It To Rome, Italy From Key West?

Mile Post Marker

Mile Post Markers have been around for eons and almost every tourist destination has one and Key West is no exception. In fact, this area of town known as Harbor Walk has two of them! You know, those posts saying Alaska 3,406 miles, Rome 4,921 miles, Paris 4,785 miles from where you’re standing… now you know what I’m talking about (but don’t look up those miles, I made up the first two) 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, Harbor Walk is a mecca for pedestrians as its only real rivals are Duval Street & Mallory Square. You can easily spend 2 – 3 hours here having fun every minute never looking at your watch while taking in boats, sunsets, bands, bars, cruises, dining, shops, and many other sites that I’ve still yet to cover in a blog.

The first of two mile post markers is located in front of the Turtle Kraals Restaurant & Raw Bar’s parking lot. The 2nd is on the southernmost part of Harbor Walk attached to the last souvenir shop at the end of the alleyway. So on your next trip to the Key’s I challenge you to not find only one of them… but BOTH of these FREE photo ops! Oh yeah, I’ll save the 3rd mile post marker located miles away for a later blog. 🙂

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