Humphrey Bogart Would! Hmmmmm… or should that be WOOD!

Wooden Humphrey Bogart Statue

Are you a Humphrey Bogart fan? If so, then look what I’ve found for you in the Florida Keys! An exact replica of a pose from an earlier photo taken of him which I also have to prove it with BOTH photos side-by-side! When comparing the photos look closely at the tilt of the hat, the bent angle of his right arm, the left arm in his pant pocket, and his jacket & tie. You too will be convinced that it is the film superstar legend Boggie!

In speaking to the local bartender, he said that he’s been told by others that it resembles Bogart. Well, I’m here to tell you that YES in fact it is a statue of him even though the artist could’ve done a better job on the HAT & FACE portions of it.

It’s located at the Caribbean Club’s front door in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.2 bayside. This is WELL WORTH a stop on your trip, just the scenery around it is worth it my friends! Put this on your LIST!


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