Freedom Tree’s NEW Plaque & Pedestal

Come out and see the Freedom Tree’s NEW Bronze Plaque & Pedestal! It’s finally done, after weeks of work and thousands of dollars spent on paving the approximately seven car parking lot, painting new parking stripes, polishing the old bronze plaque, & replacing the old white-painted flaking off cement pedestal with a new brilliant shiny white marble one. (Click below to see the old one)

I’m thankful for all of the upgrades to this little seen pedestal and tree but it seems with all of the money spent that they continue to miss the MOST IMPORTANT thing of all… a sign! There is NO sign what so-ever for this and can be missed with a blink of an eye. Case and point: My aunt and uncle who live in Key West have never noticed it. If locals don’t know where it is then how are tourists and military personnel for whom it’s dedicated expected to find it! It’s sad to think that something so obvious and inexpensive keeps being overlooked! 😦

Click here to read about and see the old ‘Freedom Tree Plaque  & Pedestal’.

You can find this ‘Freedom Tree, Plaque & Pedestal’ located in the Truman Waterfront area of town in front of the US Coast Guard’s floating history museum here in Key West.

PS – Don’t go looking the ‘Freedom Bench’ it’s sadly gone! 😦

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