Duval Street’s Oversized Birdhouse

Here’s a blast from the past archive blog. I remember my friend DJ Alan saying “I’ve walked by that many times never seeing it once.” So here it is:

I ask you, how many tourist city’s main streets have a three-foot wide birdhouse perched overhead as you walk by? In this town expect anything and you just might see it! 🙂 Key West never ceases to amaze me, and that’s the way I like it!

The Duval Street birdhouse is not only on the most famous street in Key West but sits directly across from one of the World’s Most Famous bars ‘Sloppy Joe’s Bar’.

Duval Street has so many attractions along its one mile length that your eyes are so busy looking from right to left that you just might not see it on your first pass. It’s simple, once at Sloppy Joe’s Bar look across the street just above everyone’s heads and there it is!

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