I’ve Had Hog’s Breath! Have You?

One of Key West’s most iconic bar stops is the ominously named Hog’s Breath Saloon at 400 Front Street.

Have you ever wonder where their catch phrase came from, well here’s the answer: The logo was worked up with a local screen printer and the saying, “Hog’s breath is better than no breath at all” is a modified version of a saying the founders grandmother used to say, “Bad breath is better than no breath at all.” The rest is history. Since then it’s become the most popular bar for locals on Duval Street. It is also a big hit with tourists looking to blend in with a Key West flair.

The raw bar features local seafood, and the grill takes care of everyone else’s taste and it seems that no one leaves town without a Hog’s Breath T-shirt. This bar comes complete with a live web cam year round, in fact, on New Years about 8 years ago I phoned my friend Mike using my cell phone while standing in front of it with him at home on the computer laughing saying: “It’s true, you really do look 10 pounds heavier on TV!” 🙂

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