Key West’s TRUE ‘Top Gun’ / Kelly McGillis

From her 1986 Hollywood mega smash box-office hit movie ‘Top Gun’ staring with Tom Cruise (Maverick) to Key West’s Kelly’s Caribbean Bar/Grill & Brewery. It’s true, this bar is owned by none other than actress Kelly McGillis (Charlie). In speaking with the bartender, he mentioned that she’s only been here about 3 times in the last nine years… so don’t expect to see her there!

By checking this out you’ll get three hidden bonuses that passers-by have no idea of what’s inside. First, the building it occupies was the old historic Pan American Airways headquarters. Second, the inside bar is in the shape of an airplane’s wing covered with aluminum complete with rivets replicating its contours (photo below). Third, there’s a mini display of two windows filled with old Pan Am memorabilia from the cockpit & galley (photo below).

You can find the little known wonder at the corner of Whitehead Street & Caroline Street in Key West. If you’re a history buff you’ll love the Pan Am artifacts and if you’re a movie buff you’ll love that it’s owned by Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame. It’s FREE to browse around the bar and to see the Pan Am Airline collection. The building itself is worth the trip, the rest is icing on the cake!

PS – Be sure to look across the street and check out the brown garbage can whose sticker says “Kelly McGillis Didn’t Litter Here”. How strange is that!


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