The “No Name Pub”


Wow, what a GREAT PLACE this is! You MUST put this on your list even if you only stop at 2 or 3 sights along the entire trip down the Keys… it’s that cool.

I first saw this on TV during an episode of the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown’s Weekend Getaways as a pub/bar oddity with literally no name. That’s right, it’s called the “No Name Pub”. This place is so far off the beaten path and hard to find, upon arriving, you’ll see the sign that reads “You Found It”! Though I’ve been here before, I’ve waited for 3-years now to write this blog for one reason only… and that’s to eat their world-famous self-proclaimed best in the world “PIZZA”! Yum, yum, yum and the pizza I must say was worth the wait!

You can find this out-of-the-way hide-a-way by turning right off of US-1 South at Mile Marker 30.4 onto Key Deer Blvd then an immediate right (maybe 50 ft) onto Wilder Road, then winding the rest of your way a few miles by turning left on South Street, then right on Ave. ‘B’, then veer onto Watson Blvd and drive only a bit more where you’ll see it on your left. Yes, it’s that hard to find, if you get lost then you’re right at home, after all that’s why they put it there! Believe me, just ask ANYONE along that stretch of road and they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction! Though the pizza’s are out of this world, the real reason why the Travel Channel was there will be disclosed in tomorrows blog! Do you know why? I do! 🙂 I promise… it’s WAY TOO COOL!


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2 responses to “The “No Name Pub”

  1. Caitlyn

    And the Silver Dollar Fries are amazing!

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