Empty Lot ‘Yard Art’ Exhibit

Key West ‘Yard Art’! What would you do with a tiny empty lot in Key West not big enough for a house? Most would put up a for sale sign. Not here, someone has taken advantage of the unused property and turned it into a walk-by art exhibit.

Seen here is a portion of the artwork hidden among the tree branches and limbs throughout the lot. Lurking behind these bushes are a number of various sized figurines in a variety of colors. Several actually look like they’re hiding from you peering out from above the lots overgrowth.

You can see this ‘Empty Lot Yard Art Exhibit’ near the corner of Emma & Petronia Streets in Key West just a few blocks west of the World-Famous Duval Street.



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2 responses to “Empty Lot ‘Yard Art’ Exhibit

  1. Reblogged this on Eclectic Avenue =^..^= and commented:
    Rode my bike down there today…forgot my camera 😦

    • You can always go back with camera in hand to capture your own photos. It’s pretty neat an different isn’t it, that’s why I love Key West! Thanks for reading the blog, hope your enjoying it. Mr. 365 Days

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