World War II Munitions Dumps

I know, I too thought it should be ammunition dumps… we would’ve both been wrong! Upon breaking out my trusty Noah Webster Dictionary and wiping off the cobwebs I flipped open the knowledge-packed novel and became a bit wiser. 🙂 Here’s the difference between munitions & ammunition:

Munitions a broad term that refers to all war material including weapons & ammunition,

Ammunition (ammo) refers to a specific type of munition such as bullets, rockets, gunpowder, grenades or bombs.

These above ground bunker-looking things seen in all of the photos are actually World War II munitions dumps. The munition dumps are now abandoned obsolete unused damp & dark relics of an era long gone by. These history rich stairs & bunkers are located on the northeastern corner of the Truman Annex Navy Base in the southeast corner of Key West. These crumbling cement monuments are an eyesore to most but a beautiful site for a history lover like myself. Upon driving up to the outer fence you’re confronted with these mounds that soar high above all of their surroundings and are impossible to miss. My first guess is that they won’t be around too much longer as the above ground cement portions are crumbling in plain sight. Their frailty is obvious to all that it wouldn’t support today’s standards without a major ‘mucho dinero’ upgrade. It’s a shame that so many locals don’t know of their history or even what they are and just want them torn down. I recommend that you take a side trip to see these dinosaurs among a city setting before they too are gone and can only be found in photos of our past.


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