Sturgis, ND… Oh REALLY!

The creators of this little seen mile marker post made a BIG mistake when writing a certain city and state… can you spot it? Very good ‘Mr. Map Quest’ you found it! Highlighted in the featured photo are both Sturgis, ND and Mt. Rushmore, SD… one of which is wrong. Since having just come back from both locations in the last 6 weeks (seen below) I can assure you that Sturgis has not succeeded from South Dakota nor picked up and moved northward! 🙂 Yes my road scholar friends, Sturgis is NOT in North Dakota and should read: Sturgis, SD. What a gaff! In all honesty, I don’t think too many people are going to see this sign or even care about the blunder if they do! 🙂

Sturgis, ND… not quite! Sturgis, SD is home to one of the largest (if not the largest) motorcycle gatherings in the WORLD! We had dinner at the ‘Loud American’ restaurant in Sturgis one nite after posthumously posing at the ‘Welcome To Sturgis’ sign at the edge of town.

You  can find this “Oops, I should have used Map Quest” misfortune at Mile Marker 25.0 at the canal behind the Chevron Gas Station on US-1 oceanside.


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