Sandy Sprunt Environmental Area

Welcome to what is officially known as the Sandy Sprunt Dove Creek Hammocks Florida Keys Wildlife and Environmental Area (true… who in the world could make up a name like that!).

Please notice that I said “Environmental Area” not “Park”, again, this is a place for serious nature lovers not for a family picnic since there are no tables or facilities. While there I saw three different types of birds, two types of wild rodents, and one tick crawling up my shoe. 🙂 Though you’re not allowed to take home any of nature’s souvenirs I unintentionally returned with some hitching a ride home on my socks including: thirty-two pancakes (those green flat ones), seventeen black spears (those long thin ones), and six sand spurs (those prickly ones that hurt when you pull them off)! 🙂

You can find this parcel of land dedicated to wildlife at Mile Marker 94.0 on the left hand side of the road on US-1 south towards Key West. It’s located exactly to the left of the Psychic Reading Building (as seen below) previously mentioned in its own blog.


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