Bikes Not On Rack Will Be Impounded

8353960579_25c3973809_mThere’s a TINY 4″ x 6″ sign mounted on the pavement in the pedestrian friendly Harbor Walk that goes totally unseen by most (but not me)! It reads: “BIKES NOT ON RACK WILL BE IMPOUNDED”. Though I’ve NEVER seen one city worker enforce the sign, I wouldn’t press your luck. In Harbor Walk there are many bike racks for the multitudes that flock to this ocean front destination part of Key West on their two-wheeled pedal-powered mode of transportation.

I’ve included a photo of our bikes with the sign on the ground behind to give you a proportion of size.

You can find the sign that everyone walks over yet NEVER sees or reads in-between the Eat It Raw Bar Restaurant & Turtle Kraals Restaurant in the Harbor Walk section of northwest Key West.


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