Bench Boat Captain

This is the only one of its kind still remaining in Key West! These bench prop photo-ops in past years were a dime-a-dozen strewed all over town but now relegated to this lone example of a lost type of attraction. On an earlier visit I noticed that the Boat Captain was gone while the bench remained and feared that it too had vanished into history as all the others. Upon returning on my next visit it miraculously appeared complete with a brand new shiny paint job.

You can find this photo-op Boat Captain permanently attached on a bench in front of the Key West Seaquarium located at Mallory Square just two blocks south of Duval Streets western end. Once upon a time there was a bench in Key West’s Harbor Walk where you could sit beside a box of chocolates next to Forrest Gump at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company… but they’ve long since gone out of business! So sad, that was really neat and I still miss seeing Forrest.

This of course is FREE for you and your family to partake in a photograph or two. So get your butt over and take that photo for posterity before this too is gone forever!

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