True Lies / Schwarzenegger & Curtis

Literally straight out of the Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘True Lies’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jamie Lee Curtis comes a scene shot in the Florida Keys on the old 7-Mile bridge.

Without a doubt the most famous & unmistakable tourist sight in the entire Keys is the 7-Mile Bridge (measures 6.9mi). As you can see by the scene below with Jamie Lee Curtis atop the limo roof that there are two bridges side-by-side, the old 7-Mile bridge being used to shoot the scene and the new 7-Mile bridge to the right that everyone else uses 365 days a year.

The old bridge has been closed for years and has several sections removed to ensure that no one travels upon it even if they were to break through the barricades (gaps shown below). It’s here that one of the most famous and exciting scenes is filmed where the limo goes flying off one of those missing sections and crashes into the water as Jamie Lee is rescued by on-screen hubby secret agent played by former disgraced California Governor Arnold “Yes, I’m your daddy” Schwarzenegger. 🙂 I’ve included several photos below that shows both bridges side-by-side as in the Jamie Lee action scene and 3 that shows the famous section of bridge removed where the limo crashed into the sea.

You can find this historic 7-Mile bridge’s northern end at Mile Marker 46.8 on US-1. Unfortunately the missing section of bridge used in the film can only be accessed by boat but can be seen clearly from the new 7-Mile bridge as you travel across it. Stopping on the 2-lane bridge is forbidden so have your passenger take the photo for you. I promise… a future blog will highlight the history of the 7-Mile Bridge itself so stay tuned!


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