Mangroves… They’re Our Friends!

7175546648_ec56931d84_bBlending land and sea, mangroves form and interesting environment along our coastline. Hardy, tropical plants, mangroves are one of the few trees that thrive in salt water.

Once considered useless, the many values of mangroves are now evident. A variety of wildlife finds food and shelter in the mangroves. Their roots help stabilize the shoreline and also filter pollutants. Graceful long-legged wading birds build tree-top nests in their branches.

Seen below are a shoreline view along with a lone ocean view of a mangrove calling that local his home. Imagine, there are entire islands made up of thousands of those individual mangroves. So the next time you see what you think is an island… look closer, it just might be a large group of mangroves.

Oh yeah, don’t even think about cutting one down… that is unless you like paying fines! 🙂 I’ve heard stories of property owners going out under the cover of darkness and removing their own mangroves limb-by-limb over a period of time to not be reported by their neighbors. That my friends is 100% TRUE!

Let me see… you can find these mangrove trees throughout the entire Florida Keys from Mile Marker 127 to Zero… just look towards open water! 🙂

5970189202_ee822f3d41_b     4575923955_b918ed1167_b

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