Active Runway and Main Street Meet… Look Mom, No Fence!

Wow, how many airports need a sign like this! Or better yet, why would an airport need a sign like this? In the Florida Keys expect anything, keep reading and I’ll tell you why!

I absolutely love this! Yet another amazing thing I ran across driving down less traveled back roads! This to me was astounding, most airports have fences around them, never have I seen an airport runway joining a main street with NO fence… and a sign that reads ‘Danger Active Runway Do Not Enter’ where the roads meet. You can actually turn right on to the runway with little notice of where you are.

I’ve taken photos of the signs around the runway for your viewing pleasure: ‘Private Active Airport No Trespassing Violators Will Be Prosecuted’, ‘No Parking This Side Of Street’, ‘Danger Active Runway Do Not Enter’. I encourage you to enlarge the photos below to see how close to the road these really are. I patiently waited in the rain for another car to pass by in order to show proximity to the signs. I only wish I could’ve been at the end of the road/runway when a plane took off to provide you a once-in-a-lifetime photo…. my hearts pounding already!!!! 🙂

You can find this one-of-a-kind Florida Key’s unprotected airport runway on US-1 at Mile Marker 25.0 turning onto West Shore Drive, go down .2 miles till you see the runway on your right sandwiched in-between North Airport Drive & South Airport Drive. Remember, DON’T turn onto the runway, as the sign says: ‘DANGER, ACTIVE RUNWAY DO NOT ENTER’… it could be hazardous to your health!




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4 responses to “Active Runway and Main Street Meet… Look Mom, No Fence!

  1. Caitlyn

    We have lived on both sides of the airport. Although frowned upon, we totally walked on/near/around the airport. Obviously not while planes were actively taking off or landing though.

    • How cool, do you still live there? I’m going to do a blog on houses with airplane garages… would that be you by any chance? Thanks, Mr. 365 Days

      • Caitlyn

        Unfortunately no, if we did we would totally help though!

        There was an older gentleman who lives on South Airport Drive with a manatee mail box and golf cart that may be willing to help. I’m not sure if he’s still there or not. He was kind of a care taker of the air field and had a plane and plane garage.

      • Thanks so much for the information and willingness to help if still there. I have a photograph of a vacant house for sale with an airplane garage that I plan on using to not invade anyone’s privacies. Since you’ve lived there, I’ve written a blog on August 26, 2013 on Unique Mailboxes Of The Keys (part #1) that you might want to check out to see if you’ve seen it before or that even might have been your airplane mailbox.
        Thanks again for reading and commenting on the blogs, I hope you continue to enjoy the daily dose of my family’s hometown of Key West and Florida Keys.
        Mr. 365 Days (Art Boza)

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