Mosquito… Florida’s State Bird! :-)

Some people jokingly say that the mosquito is Florida’s State Bird! 🙂 OK, not officially but definitely unofficially! Depending on what time of the year (summer being worse than winter) and what location you choose (city -vs- out in the sticks) the tourist-loving mosquitos of the Florida Keys are always uninvited quests.

Being from the Keys, I had more than my fair share of mosquito bites… in fact they love me! In a crowd of people I’m the one that gets bit, they somehow hunt me down and relentlessly attack… why is it always me! Let me tell you, this sign needs to be moved to Lignumvitae Key, the home of Mosquitos! 🙂 I’ve NEVER seen so many mosquitos in my life than our last trip to Lignumvitae Key where an endless barrage of swarms kept coming and coming no matter how many times we swatted successfully reducing the population by one!

See how the Florida Keys combats these in-flight pests by reading ‘Mobile Mosquito Control‘ blogged on earlier.

Though I’m sure there’s more, this particular sign can be found at the corner of Pine Street & White Street in Key West. Happy Mosquito Hunting! 🙂 You won’t have to look far, in fact they’ll find you!

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