Afghanistan Spy Blimp -vs- Key West Blimp

Hey, wait a minute, the Florida Keys has one of these and the U.S. Government insists it’s a weather balloon! Hmmm, and we’re suppose to believe that! Pictured below is the one in the Keys found daily hovering near US-1, to the left the one in Afghanistan… they’re twins! What’s up with that?

Ripped direct from the New York Times headlines from May 12, 2012: U.S. Spy Balloons Hover In The Sky Over Afghans, Causing Unease.

The dirigible (blimp to us laymen), a white 117-foot-long surveillance balloon called an aerostat by the military, and scores more like it at almost every military base in Afghanistan, have become constant features of the skies over Kabul and Kandahar and anywhere else American troops are concentrated or interested in.

Shimmering more than 1,500 feet up in the daytime haze, or each visible as a single light blinking at night, the balloons, with infrared and color video cameras, are central players in the American military’s shift toward using technology for surveillance and intelligence. In recent years, they’ve become part of a widening network of devices allowing American and Afghan commanders to keep more eyes on more places where Americans are fighting. The dirigibles are now such a common feature in daily Afghan life that some people here shrug and say they hardly notice them.

I’ll let you make up your own mind on the one in the Keys. Anyways, you can see these blimps either in the air or grounded on Cudjoe Key on US-1 Mile Marker 21. They’re visible from US-1, but for a closer look drive down Blimp Road all the way to its end.

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