Mallory Square Shell Shop

Key West has souvenir shops out the wazoo yet only a hand full of shell shops with ONE in particular that stands way out above the rest! ‘The Shell Shop’ in the heart of Mallory Square is just two doors down from the Key West Sea Aquarium and diagonally across from the Ship Wreck Museum… it really doesn’t matter, once you’re in Mallory Square you’ll see it I assure you!

As you can see by the photo above, the Shell Shop is full of nothing but row after row of every single type of shell available in a rainbow of colors and shapes. If you can’t tell, they’re also hanging from the ceiling as larger types of shell ornaments, decorations, necklaces, trinkets and other souvenirs for the Key West tourist trade. Oh yeah, for those of you that don’t know me… that’s me in the white T-shirt flexing my wannabe bicep 🙂 about 15 years ago during my pencil-thin beard stage I was going through which I’m glad to say I’ve long since outgrown… now back to the photo: I’m standing next to my youngest son who’s now 6’4″ and taller than me! Here’s a tough one for you, kind of like “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?”, OK, we’re both displaying a type of shell upon our upper arms… what type is it? It’s a muscle! 🙂

You can find this FREE sensational sea-side shell shop to browse around in just 3 blocks south of Duval Streets western end. Though I was tempted, I’m proud to say that I actually held back from saying “Shell Shocked”, “Clammed Up” “Muscled In” & other stupid play on words… I’ll spare you this time! 🙂

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