Sundowner’s Tourist Chair

Tourists love photo-ops and believe me the Florida Keys businesses know it! Whether it’s inside the building or outside, live exhibit, fiberglass shark or any other type of inanimate object as long as it has the location’s name or city on it making it fair game for that treasured Kodak moment. And why is it always a Kodak moment not a Polaroid or Fuji moment? Inquiring minds want to know… OK, I really don’t! 🙂

Seen here is a simple chair at the Sundowner Complex in Key Largo painted bright yellow and adorned by an artists bird, city and logo. Amazing how many people sit in or stand beside this one chair while getting their photo taken. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that painting a regular chair will make paying customers want to take their picture with it boosting your company’s image. After all, they just got FREE advertisement from me! On the backside of the chair reads ‘Welcome To The Florida Keys’ yet another photo-op… who’d a thunk it! 🙂 If you miss this exact one don’t worry, there’s plenty more!

You can find this chair and many other tourist photo-ops located in the Sundowner Complex at Mile Marker 104 in Key Largo bayside.

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