Die Hard Back Country Permit Camping

It’s time to resume our normal tourists sites along the Florida Keys… OK, I lied, there’s NOTHING NORMAL about this rarely seen attraction!

Talk about die-hard, I’ve passed this broken down ‘Keep Out’ looking sign for years thinking it was nothing more than a closed road… wow was I wrong! I finally stopped only after seeing another car there wanting to see why he had pulled over (pictured below). Upon stepping out of the car I began to read the sign and was I ever amazed!

Beyond this point is a ‘Back Country’ camping/hiking site for only the few hardcore survivalist willing to encounter nothing more than uninhabitable swampland, crocodiles and 6, 987, 342 blood-sucking hungry mosquitos! 🙂 At one point, the Atlantic Ocean is only 200′ away not leaving very much solid ground with most being marshland. This my friends is not for your average Boy Scout mi amigo oh no! This requires a permit given out in advance from the Administrative Office at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. I quess that’s a safety precaution in case they have to notify your next of kin finding only your prized camouflage Larry the Cable Guy ‘Git-R-Done’ hat and a gator with a full belly! 🙂 Take my advice, if you’re this ‘Die Hard’ invite Bruce Willis… you’ll need him… Yippee Ki Yah! 🙂

You can find this first of two ‘Back Country’ camping/hiking sites on a way out-of-the-way back road called Card Sound Road. You can access Card Sound Road from the north at Mile Marker 126.7 and by the south at Mile Marker 107.0 in Key Largo. To find this exact site, enter from the south and drive 8.5 miles north and look on the right hand side of the road oceanside.


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