Key West’s 3rd Best Sunset Spot

You can’t go any further south for a sunset than Key West. This paradise is known for its incredible hand painted pastel portrait of the skies we call sunsets. As any town, there are normally several places around where the locals & tourists alike take guests & friends to admire the Masters handy work.

Don’t be fooled by judging your decision strictly upon the size of the crowds… that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best! This series of top four spots for tourists gathering points will prove the last statement true. Though anyone who’s been to Key West and seen dusk’s dazzling display will think that the #1 tourist trap is also the best… not so, just wait till you find out where the TOP place is to both beat the crowds and score some major points with your mate. For now, we’ll stick with our count down beginning at the 3rd best place to see the Southernmost cities daylight disappearing act. The photo to the left shows that the yet another superb sunset though not a cloud free show. This is Key West’s #1 tourist spot to see a sunset while in Key West yet falls in as only #3 for this countdown.

You can find this crowded sunset spot along with 5,000 of your closest non-friends here at Mallory Square at Key West’s southernmost spot just south of Duval Street… just follow the crowds! It’s FREE to partake in this nightly ritual and will take only minutes returning to the nightlife on Key West’s pedestrian party central Duval Street just 2 blocks north. Same Legal Disclaimer as before: A flawless picture perfect sunset is solely dependant upon God and not based on your visit! My lawyers made me do it!

Oh yeah, if you’re down here and see someone on the beach just chillin’ with a Piña Colada or two looking like he hasn’t a care in the world… THAT’S ME! 🙂

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