Nelson English City Park

Nelson English City Park is located in the southwest corner of what is known as Bahama Village. This park is named for the civic leader who was the island’s first African-American postmaster of Key West from 1882 to 1886.

Believe it or not, there are two parks within fifty feet of each other and are as different as night and day! Nelson English is your typical park complete with playground equipment (seen below) and basketball courts (seen above) for the entire family to enjoy. The park to its left, Willie Ward has no playground equipment or basketball courts having only a picnic gazebo and park benches arranged in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere for a more subdued older type of patron. The Martin Luther King Community Center is the only division between the two closets parks in Key West. Yes, here you get two for the price of one low FREE admission!

Though some may say this park is located in a part of town lacking tourists, it’s still very safe. This road less traveled contains one of the most beautiful unseen parks in Key West… believe me, I’ve seen them all! While your visit to Key West, don’t ever be squeamish about going a few blocks out of your comfort zone.

You can find Nelson English Park at the corner of Thomas Street & Catherine Street diagonally across from Willie Ward Park which is easily one of Key West’s most beautiful rarely seen parks.

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