Pieces Of Eight

Do you ever wonder where in the world they come up with street names? Well I do, the more unique they are the more curious I am in finding out their true meaning. Odd street names stick out like sore thumbs to me and I’m always snapping away and then going home finding out exactly its true origin.

Though I’ve always known what ‘Pieces Of Eight’ has meant since being a history buff and seeing 1,000’s of pirate movies over all of my years. Here’s two of the findings when Googling it… one of which is wrong for this particular signs meaning:

1) Pieces of Eight: Is the title of the eighth studio album and second concept album by the rock band Styx, released September 1, 1978 achieving triple-platinum certification. Hmmm… I’m 100% sure that this was not the namesake for the street sign since being surrounded by at least a dozen other pirate related road signs.

2) Pieces of Eight: The Spanish dollar made from silver for the Spanish empire. The ‘eight’ refers to the number of pieces into which each coin could be cut in order to give change as seen below. The pirate connotation comes from the plundering of said pieces on the Spanish ships and fleet.

You can find this Spanish Coin’s namesake at Mile Marker 23.0 bayside by turning onto Spanish Main Road and there it sits on its first left turn.

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