New York Monument In Key West, Why?

Why in the world is there a monument from the State of New York all the way down in Key West, Florida? Well, if you’ve been reading some of the blogs over the past two weeks then you’ll have some idea… especially if I mention the words ‘Civil War’.

You may recall that Key West, Florida was the southernmost Northern Union Yankees (Blue Coats) stronghold and a thorn in the side of the Southern Confederate Rebels (Grey Coats) that was held onto for the entire Civil War by the Northern troops.

The State of New York lost more men than any other state in the Northern stronghold of Key West and it wasn’t from hostile fire, skirmishes or Civil War battles… but rather from a breakout of the disease Yellow Fever! A number of years later, the State of New York erected a monument to honor those who died and it reads: “The State Of New York In Memory Of The Men Of The Nineteenth And Ninety-First NY Vol Regs Of Infantry Who Perished Here Mainly Of Yellow Fever In 1862”.

You can find this New York Monument in the very front of the northwest corner of Bayview Park located at the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. & Eisenhower Drive in Key West. This is FREE and well worth the 5-minutes it would take to park your car and read this unique tribute from New York to their fallen heroes.

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