The LAID-BACK Lazy Gecko

Welcome to one of the most laid-back bars in Key West! Yes I did say laid-back atmosphere just as the bar’s outside signs intentionally depicts. That’s the way they roll down here in paradise, simply put: ‘No cares & No worries Allowed’!

Speaking of laid-back and no worries, when was the last time you saw two grown adults playing ‘Thumb War’ in a bar? Now that’s truly being laid-back! 🙂 (photo below)

There’s always something going on whether it be ballgames or just hanging out listening to some live music. Shown below is my guitar singing friend Tim who invited me out to watch him play while I was in town a while back. (seen below) We in deed had a great time… the beers and mixed drinks helped too! 🙂

You can find The Lazy Gecko laid-back bar on legendary Duval Street next door to the World-Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West.


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