Key West’s Walk-Through Tree

Talk about a neat sight to see! Though not on the same scale as the Redwoods in California, this walk-through tree inside of Civil War Fort is awesome! Look below to see how small the arched walkway through the tree really is! The missing block at the top of the arch above their heads is from me… I forgot to duck! 🙂

Hidden away from most visitors since being in an old fort… who goes to see a fort on vacation in Key West right! I do, every chance I get!!! 🙂 This place is FULL of many exotic sights to behold and is the location of one of our favorite picnic spots. I’m sure that so many people simply bypass this fort without even knowing it’s a fort missing this and a half-dozen other delights that await the traveler willing to take the road less traveled.

You too can find this walk-through tree located on the grounds of the West Martello Tower Civil War Fort at Higgs Beach on the southeastern portion of the island. It’s so worth the FREE admission to spend 30-minutes of your next trip to Key West… believe me, you’ll thank me!

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