Pirate Related Street Names (part3)

Pirates have been a part of the Florida Keys history with many of them landing, taking refuge, terrorizing it’s inhabitants to laying stake to their own self-proclaimed turf. So it’s no surprise that they’ve left a legacy of their antics behind as street names. Here’s just a few samples of what you’ll find along your travels up and down the Keys:

Spanish Main Drive – In the days of the Spanish New World Empire, the mainland of the North and South American continents enclosing the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico was referred to as the Spanish Main.

Cutthroat Drive – Pirates were often described as ruthless, merciless, fierce, intense, & aggressive giving them the term cutthroat.

Pirates Road – Simply sums it all up!

You can find all of these pirate related street names from Mile Marker 23.0 to 22.2 oceanside.

     spanish main

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