Coyote Ugly Saloon In Key West!

Coyote_ugly_posterOh yeah baby, remember the 2000′ Hollywood smash hit romantic comedy-drama movie Coyote Ugly with all the HOT SEXY scantly dressed girls dancing on top of the bar? I assure you that all of us guys of age DO!!! 🙂

So ladies, be honest, have you ever wanted to dance on top of a bar yourself as they did in the film? Well then, here’s your chance! In fact, you can pretend that you have the staring role in the movie as Violet (Piper Perabo) because guess what? Key West actually has a real sanctioned Coyote Ugly Saloon just as in the original screenplay! Though the original saloon is located in New York city, your fantasy will be coming true in the southernmost city in the United States!

You can find Key West’s Coyote Ugly Saloon at 218 Duval Street… just follow the crowds! Oh yeah, they REALLY DO ALLOW WOMEN TO DANCE ON THE BAR!! 🙂


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