Long Key State Park Beach

IMG_0892Here’s yet another example of a sparkling oceanfront State Park that you’ll find here in the Florida Keys! Ah yes, waves, waterfront picnic tables, canoes, surf, sand & sun… hmm, what else did I forget… I got it… You Are Missing! I said you not me, I was here taking photos and I’ll be back. Don’t forget your bathing suit! Oh yeah, it’s named Long Key because it’s LONG and narrow! 🙂

PS – Here’s a little tidbit of a gem for those Netflix ‘Bloodline’ fans that can’t get enough trivia. I received a FB comment from Kathy R. that this EXACT beach had been used as a backdrop to an unforgettable episode. Though I’ve never watched ‘Bloodline’, the on-line press states that fans of the show won’t be able to forget what John Rayburn did here! (so if you know go ahead and chime in because I don’t) 🙂 Thanks Kathy R.

You can find this relaxing day at the beach (and Bloodline backdrop) inside the Long Key State Park at Mile Marker 67.7 oceanside. There’s a fee schedule per car load to enter the park, $4.5o for one and $6 for two people.


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