Key West’s Love Lane

Welcome to Key West’s LOVE LANE! If you’re a romantic looking for a nice place to take your date after dinner then listen up! If you’ve heard about the hot spot in town to make out then keep reading! If you’ve always wanted to whoo your partner with a memorable location for some extra curricular activity… then THIS AIN’T THE SPOT FOR YOU!

To start off with, this Love Lane is very hard to find. As you can see in the photo, the street sign name is about 10 feet off the ground… probably to stop people from stealing it! 🙂 In trying to find the lane the palm branches were covering almost the entire sign and I had to bend them behind the sign post just to get this photo. This my friends is a very tiny street, sorry, correction… Lane and is barely wide enough for an average car of 6′ wide to fit in it. If you’re not good in backing out of tight spaces then don’t even try it. Love Lane is a dead-end with 6 or 8 very small close-knit homes side-by-side and across from each other. With mailboxes and garbage cans encroaching upon my backing out car from every angle I barely squeaked out with only inches to spare on each side of my mirrors. This place is best visited by foot, bicycle or by parking your car on the main road.

You can find this unique road sign lane marker at the corners of Southard Street & Love Lane exactly behind the public library a few blocks east of Duval Street. After all, who wouldn’t want a picture of their honey under ‘Love Lane’ as I did with my better half, it’s sure to get your kids saying “Awe, aren’t mom and dad so cute at that age! 🙂

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